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7th July 2019

14th July 2019


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PRAYERS for Summer 2019

A Prayer before worship: 

Lord, we confess that everything belongs to you!

We praise you because you hold the whole world in your hands,

but we worship you because you hold us !

We have come to give you glory, to welcome the King of Glory

and to invite the Lord of Glory

to be at the heart of our worship and the centre of our lives.

We also confess that we have no right to be here,

that there is nothing in our lives that makes us worthy

to be welcome in your presence,

no reason why you should love us or forgive us.

You are the King of Glory: you are also the Prince of Peace.

You are the sovereign Lord; you are also the God of Grace.

Speak through your servant Grant,

that our praises may flow from this place in songs of joy

and lives lived for your glory.

May the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit  be with us all.


Adapted from 500 More Prayers for All Occasions by David Clowes.

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