PRAYERS Week Commencing 5th May 2019

A Prayer before worship

Lord, we journey together as those two disciples did on the Emmaus Road.

We journey from faith to faith,

weighed down with our questions, our uncertainties and our not knowing-

just longing for certainty, needing hope.

Lord, we journey together, and you come and share our journey

because you are the answer to all our questions,

the solution to our uncertainties and the way through to beginning again.

Lord, our worship is part of the journey.

We pray for Grant, our minister,

whom you have sent to make your will and your presence known.

May our worship be the moment when each member of the congregation

begins a new journey to you and with you-

a journey from time to eternity.

In Christ’s name, 


Adapted from 500 More Prayers for All Occasions by David Clowes.