Marriage and baptism at St George's URC

Marriage and baptism are important events in human life and the life of faith. They both involve the making of a serious commitment.

BrideA wedding in church expresses your desire to make binding promises to one other, in the presence of God and his people, and to seek his blessing on your union. Preparation for marriage therefore involves serious exploration of your understanding of Christian marriage and the meaning of those promises.
Weddings require a registrar to attend from Newcastle Civic Centre; you must arrange this yourselves, once we have settled on a wedding date. Booking a registrar normally requires several months' notice. Baptism

Baptism welcomes a believer into the church. The church and the one being baptised make serious commitments to one another and to God. They promise to be faithful to him, and to do their utmost to support one another in living out their faith.
It is no different when a young child is brought for baptism, except that parents make those promises on the child's behalf. They commit themselves, at the same time, to bring up their child in the Christian faith, which includes attending worship and being a part of the life of the church.

Weddings and baptisms at St George's are by arrangement with the minister, subject to the approval of our members. As a first step we invite you to come along, worship with us and get to know us.


Wedding photographs courtesy of Gary Edgar, Exposures Photographic Studio,